Antelope, Giraffe, Hippo in the 21st Century: Conservation Action in Africa

February 19 - 25, 2017, Prague, Czech Republic

Thank to all the participants for attending and making this event really unique.

You can download the Book of abstracts here.

Background to the conference

Five years have passed since the pioneering meeting - Antelope conservation in the 21st century: from diagnosis to action - took place in London and organised by ZSL. Since then the situation of most African ungulates has deteriorated and in some cases has become more critical, as shown in the new IUCN Red List assessments. However, there are also certainly some success stories, thanks to the passion and commitment of organisations and individuals. We warmly invite you to meet again in order to update and review the situation of these charismatic animals.

Now we need you to help us

  • to highlight positive results of conservation efforts in African countries;
  • to motivate and engage young people in the process of African biodiversity conservation;
  • to promote future conservation activities in Africa;
  • to present current research activities related to antelopes, giraffes, and hippos;
  • to connect in situ and ex situ research and conservation of antelopes, giraffes and hippos following the OnePlan approach;
  • to identify new possibilities of in-situ project support for zoos.